Heat Pump Prices Guide to Pick Best Heat Pump 2012
Best York Heat Pump Prices 2012 and York Heat Pump Cost Guide

Best York Heat Pump Prices 2012

When looking to purchase a York model for you home or office you first have to check out the prices. York is a well known company that has been in the industry for many years. They produce the split system heat pumps that are able to keep you comfortable regardless of the season of the year. York models work by drawing heat from outside to heat your home they also come with booster electrical-resistance heaters used for heating the outside air. A York heat pump mainly has the following features a fan, compressor, indoor coil, outdoor coil and a refrigerant. Most York models have high SEER and HSPF values.

York manufactures models in different categories; the Affinity series having the models YZH, YZF and YZB, the LX series having the models YHJF and YHJD and the latitude series which comprises of the THGF and THGD models. The prices of York models depend on the features they have.

The YZH is one of the best heat pumps from York that has a SEER rating of 18. All models from York use the ozone friendly R-410 A refrigerant. This mode is able to lower your energy costs by up to 35%.  All models from affinity series have an insulated cabinet to lower noise levels and they are covered by a ten year warranty. These models have the Energy star certification together with the Good House Keeping and Energy guide labels. The YZF affinity series model has a 16 SEER and it has features similar to the YZH. The YZB on the other hand has a 13 SEER rating meaning it can lower your energy costs by up to 25%.

The York YZH model is available in different prices depending on the size and weight of the unit. The 2 ton YHZ model costs $ 2449, 3 ton YHZ model costs$2779, and 4 ton YHZ model costs $3129, 5 ton YHZ model costs$3399. You also have to pay installation and other labor charges.

YHJF is another efficient model from the LX series with a14.5 SEER rating and a permanently lubricated fan motor. This model has a compact size. The YHJD is also from the LX series and it has a 13 SEER rating. These two models are known to operate very effectively.

Under the Latitude series we have the THGF and the THGD models. They are known to operate quietly keeping the consumers comfortable. The THGD model is designed to fit even narrow spaces and is able to lower your bills by up to 25%.

The prices of York models vary depending on the dealer and the terms of sale.


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